About Us

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Who We Are

Press Freedom Africa is the Press Freedom Desk of Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF), a Media Development organisation in Kaduna - Nigeria, established to provide professional support to journalists.

Our Approach

AMDF takes issues of Press Freedom as key among the things it does, hence the creation of the Press Freedom Desk and a dedicated website, which monitors and reports violation of press freedom, as well as progress in media laws across Africa.

Meet the Team

We have a dynamic team of staff and advocates who monitor and speak in favour of press freedom on the continent

Iliya Kure

Iliya Kure

AMDF Executive Director

Sekyen Makan-Dadik

Sekyen Dadik

AMDF Programme Coordinator

Joy Gadani

Joy Gadani

Press Freedom Programme Officer


Mbom Sixtus

Press Freedom Advocate - Cameroon

Joab Apollo Pix

Mbom Sixtus

Press Freedom Advocate - Kenya

Mirriam Kaliza

Mirriam Kaliza

Press Freedom Advocate - Malawi

Join Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) in defending Press Freedom in Africa.